Monitor Your Children

Having a cup of joe on a fine Saturday morning and catching up on news. Monitor your children’s use of social media. There are so many types out there that you will have a difficult time physically doing so. Maybe the better play is to have open channels of communication with our children so they make the best choices without active monitoring. We all strive for that in the first instance I hope. We see

Individual Plaintiffs

The Supreme Court has issued an opinion that is favorable to ordinary folks like us! The link that follows is from the New York Times.…/an-important-win-in-the-supreme-co… An Important Win in the Supreme Court for Class Actions The justices properly ruled that companies can’t avoid class actions by buying off individual plaintiffs.

Spotting A Bald Eagle

An addendum to the day. On my way home from work, I had the pleasure of spotting a bald Eagle at about twenty feet above the road, going up and away. Sure sends shivers up the arms-very majestic bird!

Capital Punishment

I expected to receive some feedback on the question I posed about capital punishment. My take on the issue is that execution should be swift and sure following an expedited appellate process. People knowing that death is a certainty and surely to be imposed quickly, would be the best deterrent to capital crime. Should there be science developing, think DNA, that would exonerate an individual, then proceedings should have a mechanism to allow for life