Drive Safely

I was attending District Court and had the opportunity to hear testimony in a preliminary hearing. The driver of an automobile was traveling 76 miles per hour in a 70 mile per hour zone. That said, the officer had probable cause to stop the vehicle. Moral to this story is that signs mean what they say. The driver had asked the officer just how fast he could go on a road marked 70 MPH, to


As we approach Christmas it occurred to me that the year has passed at lightening speed. 2017 has been a great year, and I would take this opportunity to thank all that have patronized my business! May you each and every one have a great holiday and wonderful new year!

Continuing Legal Education

The past two days I have attended continuing legal education. Although it is mandatory, I gain so much timely insight into the issues others are encountering at the same time, that I would attend without a mandate! The folks I help come from all over the United States and beyond. I am proud to have provided thirty three years of service within my community. Hopefully the education over the past two days will enable me

Economically Challenged

As I ponder the day, and the demands of everyday life, I recognize that in rural western Kentucky we are economically challenged on a daily basis. When life becomes too much for you and your wallet due to unexpected or improvident expenditures, realize that help is just a phone call away. I do bankruptcy every day, and assist those in need of that type service. As I have a business degree underlying my law degree,

Mobile Society

Our mobile society and differences in state law as between the various states give rise to the occasional missteps that occur in life and living. The most acute issue that I observe in the Lyon District Court consists of travelers through our fine county on Interstate 24 committing a minor speeding offense while possessing marijuana that was purchased lawfully. Once you cross state borders, the law of the state you are in will control. Possession

Course of Life And Living

In the course of life and living, we make choices. Those choices we make today will often impact our tomorrow. Even if the choices we made were not the best we generally have a shot at redemption in some fashion. Please take a moment to be kind to another-why, cause it is the right thing to do and it might just offset the bad choices we made prior.

Sunday Morning

As I enjoy a cup of coffee on a beautiful Sunday morning and think of the events of the week past, I have a heavy heart. I cannot understand the driving forces that have given ri even consider the issue is discriminatory in its own right! Gee Golly. I am proud to live western Kentucky! And hopefully, as each of us, myself included, go about our day, in caution unfortunately, if we try to be

Bald Eagle

One of my earlier posts to this page was with reference to a bald Eagle. I am pleased to relate that I had the distinct honor and pleasure to observe a bald Eagle resting atop a dead tree while overlooking the end of a rainbow following Saturday’s storm. I think I posted to my home page so sorry if redundant to some. Just awesome and a must see for all!

Lyon District Court

Wow, time flies when you are having fun. And I have also shared excuses for not writing sooner despite my best intentions. Question, do you have to threaten someone to qualify a telephone call or calls as criminal? Most of us may think in terms of “real” harm such as a threat to harm, and that is not necessarily true. It is also criminal for one to repeatedly call another person’s telephone number with mere

Posting Material

I have been less than diligent in posting material due to circumstances beyond my control (although MJ and I squeezed in a vacation)-sickness and catching up! A new law going in to effect in July allows for certain felonies to be expunged from one’s record. As this is a new statute there will be a quick learning curve on my part to help anyone deserving of such a privilege.