Course of Life And Living

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In the course of life and living, we make choices. Those choices we make today will often impact our tomorrow. Even if the choices we made were not the best we generally have a shot at redemption in some fashion. … Read More

Sunday Morning

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As I enjoy a cup of coffee on a beautiful Sunday morning and think of the events of the week past, I have a heavy heart. I cannot understand the driving forces that have given ri even consider the issue … Read More

Bald Eagle

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One of my earlier posts to this page was with reference to a bald Eagle. I am pleased to relate that I had the distinct honor and pleasure to observe a bald Eagle resting atop a dead tree while overlooking … Read More

Lyon District Court

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Wow, time flies when you are having fun. And I have also shared excuses for not writing sooner despite my best intentions. Question, do you have to threaten someone to qualify a telephone call or calls as criminal? Most of … Read More

Posting Material

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I have been less than diligent in posting material due to circumstances beyond my control (although MJ and I squeezed in a vacation)-sickness and catching up! A new law going in to effect in July allows for certain felonies to … Read More

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